I think that it has been interesting to see people’s different perspectives and ways of going about interviews. Also, it has been cool to see how effective these managers are by applying concepts that we are currently learning. It is always encouraging to see that what we are speeding our time, money, and effort on will truly pay off in the real world! – Chris G

Bed, Bath, and BEYOND!

As Charley was talking about in class last week, BB&B go Far beyond when it comes to customer service.
My wife and I registered for our wedding there and were very happy with them. Initially, I wasn’t a fan because things are a bit pricy there, but they make up for it with the quality service. Every time we went in we would have multiple people come up to as and ask what they could help us with. And the registry interface was terrific, and had no issues what so ever.
After the wedding, we had quite a few items we wanted to return, and not a lot of receipts, but that wasn’t an issue. We also went through 4 pot and pan sets (Trying each one out, repackaging them, and returning them) and they didn’t have a problem with that. While there, my wife was told that they had a lady use her pans for 15 years, she wore them out, and brought them back for a FULL refund! WOW! Now i for one think that’s taking it too far, but it’s great to work with a company that truly values and takes care of their customers! It’s safe to say I’m now a fan of Bed, Bath, and Beyond!
– Chris G.