A note on the book

If anyone still needs to buy the book, I noticed a discrepancy in the syllabus. It says we need the 5th edition but the ISBN matches the 4th edition. The bookstore has both, but for our section with our professor has the 4th listed. I decided to go with the bookstore, and bought the 4th (partially because I think it’s cheaper). However, I have Not run this by Charley, but I will check with him next class. Look forward to working with you all!
– Chris G.


Week 1

Posted by Brad

Well, since we haven’t really gone over anything yet, I’m going to use this post to say, I am really looking forward to this class.  Melinda, Chris, and J.P. seem like a really good group and I know that we are going to put forth our best effort and get the ‘A’ that we deserve.